still want little more info

look at diffrent bikes and at the moment i have a crf230 and i am woundering what bike would it be worth getting some have sergested getting a 450 and seeing that i have ridden a 250 a fair bit my bros wr250f and i have also ridden a te 510 mmm fun very fun but is it worth going tover to the 2 smoke or stick with the fours either way i would like some more stuff from u guys and i need to know if the honda have found any solutions to their valves or not really and if there are any fixs or if they haver finarly managed to dwarf this issue and i iam will to go second hand to about 07 and what brands are the better of many and are kawasarki any good now:worthy::cheers::thumbsup::thumbsup:and for the bikes i do trails stuff and national parks so i want a regoable bike for australia if u guys have any info i need it

okaty so im 58kg and i am about 160cm and i normaly ride single trails but the ocaseonal open area and dont know what a hair scramble is through and that shound be it:ride::thumbsup:

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The 2T guys are going to probably say get a 2T, and the 4T guys are most likely going to say get a 4T. It's all just a matter of preference and your riding style and conditions. Let us know what/where you intend to ride. Single track, open areas, hare scrambles, ect...

I personally think a WR250F uncorked would give you a fair amount of power and give you room to grow.

Or, you could go with a WR450F and leave it corked up for awhile. Once you get comfortable, uncork it and unleash the beast inside it.

Height and Weight and riding experience would make it easier for us to help as well.

Good Luck with your future bike! :thumbsup:

Go for a KTM EXC 2 stroke ( I'd get the 250 or 300). Faster and lighter then 4 strokes.

ill see what comes up

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