6/12 enclosed trailer???

My dad just gave me a 6/12 enclosed trailer with the normal barn doors. Im not worried about the doors though because I have a fold up aluminum ramp. I would like to hear ideas from you guys. I want to be able to get 5 bikes in there if needed but usually will just be carrying 4. I want to put some cabinets in up around the top on the back wall and like a fourth of the way down the side walls from the back so the cabinets dont get in the way of any bike space. How should I get 5 bikes in there. And what should I do about tie down loops and wheel chocks. I was thinking about building wheel chocks into the trailer my self. Any input would be great. Thanks:thumbsup:

I have a 6/12 with v-nose that makes mine just shy of 14'.

Installed 9 recessed d-rings similar to these: http://cgi.ebay.com/ebaymotors/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?VISuperSize&item=220776159734

Prices went up alot, I paid ~$20 for the 10 I bought 3 years ago.

I have homemade wheel chocks. I believe I used 4" steel c-channel I had laying around that I welded in the shape of an L that the front tire fits into. The bottom is bolted to plates I bolted to the floor with backing plates. I use 2 big bolts through the c-channel into the bottom backing plates so I can remove the chocks by unbolting from the top two bolts each and leaves a sano floor with the mounting plates still attached on the bottom (outside) of the floor.

Should be able to get 5 in there. Front each side facing forward - middle bike either backwards or staggered by 4-6" to allow for bar clearance. Will probably have to angle the couple rear bikes to get them to fit.

I was thinking about angling all 5 bikes do you think that wud work? Or i could just use ur idea.

I was thinking about angling all 5 bikes do you think that wud work? Or i could just use ur idea.

I can get 4 bikes in a 5x10 + Vnose (about 13' from the tip of the V to the back door). All my bikes are in diagonally, and they're in TIGHT. Tight enough that the LH grip is over the seat of the bike in front of it.

Got plenty of room on the tail for riding gear and gas cans, tools, stands, etc.

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