First Hard Crash in Ten Years

So, I have been back riding for 8 months after 10 years off. I have had my occasional wipeout in a turn and whatnot but have yet to go down hard since I have been back. Yesterday I got swapped up in a third gear pinned whoop section and I believe put on a textbook display of a yard sale. Hit the ground hard on my right side and right side of my head, knocked the wind out of me. I am glad that after a few moments I was able to walk away, the bike survived with a number plate being the only victim, the subframe and carbon fiber muffler seem to be relatively unscathed.

I a plenty sore this morning and doubt I'll be riding this weekend but I am almost thankful it happened. We all know it is part of the sport and I was beginning to get apprehensive about when it would come and how I would fare. I got back on and after untweaking the front end (and boy was it tweaked) went back out and hammered the whoops again.

New helmet and number plate are ordered. Just thought I would share.

yeah i seem to go down hard once a year,laid up right now with 8 staples in my knee{below the knee cap and to the right} last year it was a cracked sternum,the year before that bruised my shin shin bone{not your average black and blue}the year before that tore a pec muscle,cracked a couple ribs before that,i love this sport!!!

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