Clutch basket pic/help...hmmm


This basket is from my 1993 250 2 stroke. I just got the bike a few months ago and was going in to replace the right side crank seal. When i popped off the clutch cover this is what i found. I had raced it once this yr and the clutch operated fine/great.

Should I be concerned? should I run it like that? can I fix or is it pure junk?

Ahh, that's pretty notched. IMHO, you should go ahead and replace it if you ride a lot. You can file it down some, but it'll never be as good as new, and it'll wear out again, probably quicker than when new. You may think the clutch operated fine/great, but if you replace it and get some new parts in there, you'll be a bit surprised. Probably want to replace the inner hub too.

gosh< i bought the bike for $700 (and love it) a new basket/plates etc was not available for a 93 rm 250 on the barnett/Hinson websites and they are real proud of them getting over $1K for a setup...don't got 1K (sad face)

wow thats alot of money i got my basket, plates and new bearing for around $400 and ya i had the same thing with my bike i blew it up and when i got it done i took it for a ride and the clutch wouldent even work. i tried to file it down but it didnt help. if i was u i would go on to ebay or something like that and im sure u could fine a basket and plates cause im sure u r going to need the plates as well

It will "work", but will make it difficult to fan the clutch. you may be noticing the bike is "jerkey" when you let the clutch out from a stop too..This is the fiber plate fingers poping over the knotches that form over time on that worrrrrrrrrrn basket. Ebay!! Can often find entire clutches for $100, basket, plates, inner boss. Find what other models use the same basket..

As some mentioned, you can take the basket off and file like crazy (wouldn't on the bike without lots of rags tucked in around it..) There will be a lot of clearance between the basket teeth and fiber clutch plate teeth though, and they will slam harder getting on and off gas, making them wear faster than before.. In any event, if your riding the bike a bunch that basket isn't long for this world no matter what you do..

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