Cleaning Air Filter

Sorry if this is in the wrong section, does anyone have any tips on how to get woodchips out of an air filter? i have cleaned it twice and rinsed it over again, But there is still a few little bits in the filter, i dont want to put this filter on and have the engine suck them through. Thanks for any replys.

If there imbedded in the filter and you can't get em out without take material off the filter invest in the 14dollar no toil filter

Thanks for the reply. Whats different on that filter than any other, im currently using dt1 air filters.

No toil is a good filter pre oiled and theyal actually last pretty good too

I would personally toss that filter, they are cheap compared to potential damage, if there's wood chips in there you can see then there's prolly some embedded in there you can't see also, be safe get new filter

yer i was thinking that, but this is my local and favourite track and this the 2nd filter i cant seem to get them all out from, dont want to have to buy new filter everytime i go. Thanks.

Well in that case I would recomend investing in some filter skins by pc racing, they are very thin go on right over ur air filter when ur done riding just peel it off, they are cheap too if I remember correctly

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