DR 250 starting problems

hey guys,

only new to the motorbike scene a mate gave me his 91 dr250 cause he wasnt using it, and im having trouble getting it going.

1. i bought a new battery for it because the old one was completely dead and ive tried kick starting with no luck and it wont start if i clutch start it either, ive cleaned the air filter, and checked the plug for spark and both are ok. im not sure where to go from here no matter what i do it wont start??

2. i noticed recently that even though it is in gear ( without motor running) i can push it with the clutch disengaged, it shouldnt move should it? and if i try to clutch start it, even on a huge hill, i go to roll in 2nd with the clutch engaged it barely even moves? obviously not normal, why would this be??

i need help

Check to make sure you have spark. If you have spark, spray starting fluid into either the intake side of the carb, or squirt some into the spark plug hole, then reinstall the plug and wire and crank it over. If it fires and tries to run, then you have carb issues. More than likely the jets are all gummed up if its been sitting for awhile.

Ok thanks I'll give that a try

What about te clutch problem?

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