Close ratio transmission

I just picked up a 08 yz250f for dirt cheap. I'm pretty impressed with its power. I had an 04 yz250f and a crf250f, the 08 has considerably more power

Anyway, does anyone think the gear ratio is wayyyy to close to one another? I understand its a mx bike and designed for the track, but when I’m cruising along in the woods it seems like I’m always in 5th, and not even going that fast.

I'll probably just drop the rear sprocket several teeth to help compensate.

Where in the woods are you in 5th and looking for more speed?

A dirt road or something like that?

fire roads, wide flat trails, dirt roads like you said. I stay low in the rpm range, so it seems like 5th gear comes real quick.

I hear ya there... I was going to add a WR tranny to my YZf but ended up getting a WR I plan to gut down to a Wide Ratio WZ. If you are riding nothing but tight stuff, the the YZ tranny seems okay, but they do seem to get into a tall gear pretty quick when it opens up a little.

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