RB Head Mod, Slide mod...a few questions

I tried to do my due diligence and did a bit of research, but a few things I am unsure about.

I have a race Sunday, but I plan on pulling the head Monday and sending it to Ron. If my bike is properly jetted for the conditions now, should I expect to have to rejet once I install the modded head? I just wanted to know if I needed to order a few new jets as well.

I was also considering having my slide cut as well. I ride sea level to 2000' and pretty much year round. Mostly singletrack/doubletrack...Is this a worthwhile mod for me? If I do have the slide modded, I assume that will require a bit of rejetting. Any experience with this? What benefits are you guys seeing from cutting the slide?

I may have his Carb mods done later this year...what effects have you guys seen from the bore/plate?

Thanks in advance!


I would ask RB. When he did the carb and head for my KDX he supplied new jetting.

He's a very gifted machinst for sure.

An 8 works great in the stock carb. I however got the RB modded carb. In it an 8 will leave a lean spot that you don't want to stay in. Unfortunately it is the same spot you sort of end up in if you are just burbling away in fifth gear.

So now I'm looking for a couple of sevens. I'll trade with anyone. I have a two 7s that RB cut to 8s, and an 8 and a 9 from JB. But you need a different cable holder for at least the 9. I haven't checked the 8 yet.

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