Wanted: SL gas tank latch!!!!! HELP!

Does anyone know where I can locate a gas tank latch for a '71 SL350? I found a few on ebay, but they all seem to be the locking type. All I need is the latch itself.

Also, does anyone know of any salvage yards that could have one?

Or could anyone find the dimensions on one so I can get one machined?

If it is the one I'm thinking of ,they all are suppose to be locking . Honda had a big recall back in 1978 for all bikes with the push lever caps. Someone hit one open during a crash and burned to death so they had a recall. It always amazes me to see the old ones out there. I most have installed thousands myself . If not sorry for the babbling !

To help broaden your search in a junkyard, or on eBay, the following models also used the same latch:








Thanks for the help! :thumbsup:

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