Mmmmmm dirt.

I just had some great dirt yesterday with my buddies. High moisture just to the point of not sliming into mud. Huge chunks of dirt flying thru the air as we charge up hill climbs looking to pass each other on some odd line. Dirt is just cool. Ever since I was a little kid digging in the sand box, garden or woods.

Here in Colorado we are watching the snow melt and playing a balancing act in our search for quality dirt. Out into the desert & lower elevations until it starts getting dusty and then we start moving closer to home and up in elevation. High country melts in late June.

What is your favorite dirt? Most interesting dirt?

Coal cinders. In the desert on some hill climbs their is this dirt that is like coal cinders, the whole hillside is made up of the stuff & no rocks. Weird cindery light, pea size to leggo block size. When dry it is like 8" of snow, but after a rain it is awsome.

The worste dirt i have ever rode on was early in the fall a couple years ago. It had not rained for months and we had spent a couple days riding in the hills way dusty and slick. Sometimes the dust looked like water clear up to the axles. it sucked but better than not riding. Then one of my friend bought a new quad and they wanted me to take them to the hills. On our way up it started to snow pretty hard. I didn't think much about it since i had rode in snow before and had a blast. Man that snow on top of dry dust was insane slick. I was the only one on a bike and all though it wasn't single track the trails were pretty narly. After a couple of miles of using my feet as rutters and listening to the quad guys laugh at me i just bagged it and went home. I've rode snow and i've rode dust but never will i ride snow on top of dust again.

we dont have great dirt in AZ usually very dusty or sand and the ground is like concrete,when it rains its slick,great fun though beats the hell out of not riding at all,the dirt gets better up in the mountains and i ride up there quite a bit

My favorite Cali dirt:

After a good rain in the desert, (which is sometimes very rare) then one day to dry, leaves a 1/4 inch of sandy crust on top and an extremely grippy emulsion of damp sand underneath. Leaves no dust, super traction, lots of area to ride around.

Truly a delicacy to ride on!:thumbsup:

The soft black moist dirt you find on the forestry trail in the shade. Perfect traction and good roost. And I absolutely hate mud that's about 95% clay. Slippery and sticks to everything, and once it dries out, it hardens into concrete and leave the worst ruts ever.

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