450R Powerbomb fit 450x?

Someone locally is selling a brand new FMF Powerbomb header for a 2003 450R. Will it fit my 2005 450X? Will it connect to my stock muffler?

I don't think '03 will work. '05 would work.

What condition is your header in?

If you go aftermarket header to stock exhaust you are going from a larger header diameter into a small diameter on the stock exhaust. This presents performance issues provided you first solve the fitment issues.

I'd go with a slip on over a header any day. New packing, spark arrestor options, noise insert options versus a six year old stock can that is already probably costing you performance.

from the FMF website, 2003 450r powerbomb Item ID: 041034 , 2005 041082. 2005 450x 041082 . Won't fit

The 03 r header is about 4 -6 inches longer than the 05r or 05x header

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