xr650r sprockets onto xrl

I'm banging through the threads here and at 4strokes. I know I've seen this answer, but can't find it now.

When buying xr650r front sprockets to put on an xr650l (2007 in my case), what YEAR am I looking for? or are they all the same and this only applies to buying the 600 sprockets?

Oh, rear sprockets, I just buy the xrl ones too? no reason to cross over?

Also, are there any brands of steel sprockets to stay away from for some reason or another. (renthal and primary drive would be easy choices for me right now, as I could combine an order with some other crap I'm buying)

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fixed the dumb title

Just installed few days ago, XR650R PBI 14T Front sprocket for 98XR650L the rear still 45T.

and purchased another XR650R Moose 13T front sprocket for 97XR650L rear 48T i should have it today .

Hope this helps !!!

ya... from what I'm seeing, sprockets from all years of xrr 650's are the same.. so not an issue.

Just make SURE for XR650R front sprocket !!!

Thats what i did...

btw...fixed the damn thread title...geez

I've seen lots of comments by people saying make sure the front sprocket isn't hardened... and when I look for sprockets, I see some that say they are "stronger than steel" and some say heat treated... does that all count as "hardened?"

Which brands are not hardened and shouldn't be a problem for this operation?

After reading another thread by SpudRider, I decided that the Moose XR650R CS sprocket had the dimensions I wanted (I don't know who makes their sprockets). I prefer OEM but they don't offer a 15 tooth CS sprocket for the 650R. My bike has 38,000 hard miles on it, with OEM CS sprockets, and the CS showed no wear at all. None.

The Moose sprocket fit nice and snug, it had to be tapped the last 1/16th of an inch. I also replaced the rear sprocket (XRs Only aluminum, 48), chain buffer (Moose), chain guide rub block (OEM), and D.I.D. chain.

The mis-alignment is negligible and the hardness, or lack thereof, of the CS sprocket won't be an issue with the 650R sprocket - it has a LOT more engagement area.

Good luck in your decision.


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