ktm 50sx questions

i need some help answering these questions

are they better for trail or track?

it they are better how can i make it better for trail?

what size tooth sprocket front and back?

what is good oil and a good ratio?

and what are good websites to get aftermarket parts?


thanks eric

go to http://www.ktmtalk.com and register

all those questions are answered in the KTM 50 bible on their site...

Edited by John45

That would be ktmtalk.com, BTW. To answer your questions...What do you want to do? If you are talking a 2011 50SX, I would say they are better suited for track than trail, but can be modded to ride trail. If you are looking at older models, you can get an "adventure" which is more trail than track or a SX, "Pro Senior" that are better for track. We ran a stock cs sprocket and a 44 tooth in the rear for my son who raced MX on his 50 Pro Senior. For parts I would stick with KTM OEM parts. You can go to munnracing.com, ktmcyclehutt, ktmworld and pretty much everything will be the same. Martin and Slater sells non-oem parts, but it is hit or miss with their stuff-it can be good or total crap. You never know which. I would definitely stay away from M&S clutch components. Hope that helps.



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