Removing the blue on clutch steels?

Anyone have any tricks to remove some blueing I have on the clutch steels? Looks like they got a bit heated up...fibers look good, but a few of the steels are a bit blue and want to remove it if I can...


no need, and ya can't. the simply metal got hot, not just the surface. Put them on thick glass and measure for any warpage. Per your manual, if you can't get a larger feeler gauge under it in spots than service limit, it will work fine.

You can sand it off, but the color isn't a problem, and it will come back when they get hot again. It is good to give them a light sanding to get rid of any glaze that may be on them though. Also, as mentioned, make sure to check them for flatness on a piece of glass.

Thanks, that was my concern, the glazing. What grit sandpaper would you think? 400-600?

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