Anyone see this?


AVALON, Catalina Island, Calif. (April 27, 2011) —Santa Catalina Island Company (SCICo) has agreed to work with the City of Avalon to host the Catalina Grand Prix in December 2012, which will feature an expanded line-up of activities. Catalina Island is elevating the event to a new level, by extending the celebration to a week's worth of race-themed events and activities.

"SCICo felt that additional planning was needed in order to make the Grand Prix more unique to the Island and more special than if it was just an annual event on the normal race calendar," said Brad Wilson, Senior Vice President of Sales and Chief Marketing Officer for Santa Catalina Island Company. "SCICo will take an active role in securing sponsorships with the City as well as administration to enhance the overall visitor experience."

The City will continue to coordinate race operations, safety and logistics. Both entities will share in the permitting process and expenses over the next 18months. The 2012 race week will include an array of activities designed to draw fans to the island for an extended stay. Additional activities planned include:

· One to two days of practice on the course

· Improved spectator areas

· Concourse of Classic Motorcycles

· Vintage Original “1950’s Grand Prix” Motorcycle Display

· VIP Food and Beverage Area

· Top name entertainment in the Casino Ballroom

· Parade of motorcycles

· Electric motorcycle exhibition race

Major sponsors are lining up to support next year's Grand Prix race, which will once again take place on SCICo land. Race organizers expect another sold out event, including top riders from around the world.

The Catalina Grand Prix is an historic race that took place through most of the 1950s and was brought back to life in 2010 for the first time in 52 years. The course, just under 7 miles, included a variety of terrains, including pavement, rocky cliffs and hills, winding turns and an exciting motocross sections. The 2012 Catalina Grand Prix will follow a similar course, and provide excitement for both the racers and spectators.

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That is awesome I would do it for sure

I hope so but dont count on it Vinny the guy that put it on did not have any good news at the D-37 awards

No mention of D-37, maybe they're not involved this go round? Red Bull is back on board.

This same post got deleted off their board.

The island generally benefited and appreciated the last race. Money was made. And no negatives came out of it. And as long as Obama is in office that helps too because everyone who is not on the government tittie is looking for ways to make money & survive ! LOL

No mention of D-37, maybe they're not involved this go round? Red Bull is back on board.

This same post got deleted off their board.

It was not a D-37 race but Vinny is a D-37 guy like I said at the awards this year he said with the law suite it did not look like it would happon but he did talk about a resarection of hope town was in the works but only time will tell

I sure had a GREAT TIME and look forward to returning in 2012. Hope we get the same house. I bet they will want twice as much now. It would almost be worth it. Even standing in line in the rain Sunday evening to catch the ferry was worth it. Such a good time I had and I didnt even race.

I rode it last year and will probably not ride it again in the near future. Especially if the island company is doing it. What do they know about putting on a motorcycle race? It took seven D37 clubs (mine included) to put on this race. We had 17 members there, all at their own expense, working the finish and the access road. And we were all glad to do it and had smiles on our faces the entire time. This cannot be made an annual event IMHO, it would ruin the mystique. I was unaware there was a lawsuit, is it against CuzVinnie and if so what for? I missed the awards this year.

Hopetown would be awesome but VERY difficult to do. Then again we said the same thing about Catalina and they pulled it off.

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