Silencer Packaging

Hi Guys,

I went to remove the packaging from my 1997 KX 100's Exhaust but I couldn't get the end piece off!

I undid the two bolts (I think they were 8mm) at the back, one was on top the other was on the bottom. I tried pulling the end piece off, but it wouldn't come off.

Any reason why it won't come off?

Thanks and ATB!


correct me if im wrong, but i don't think the end cap is supposed to come off?

I just did mine last night on my 250, using a FMF powercore silencer. I untied the 3 bolts at the base and the core slid right out, cleaned out all the old packing and wrapped it in new fiberglass packing then re-inserted it and it was fine.

I tried doing what you did, but yea those two bolts holding the endcap on were tricky and i couldnt figure out how to get em off.

The end cap includes the inner pipe. It's easier to remove the other end first.

Just yank on it, theres probably Sealant in there to prevent it from leaking at the joints.

KX100 muffler comes off at the back not the front. Remove the screws on the end closest to the motor then tap with rubber mallet

KX100 muffler comes off at the back not the front. Remove the screws on the end closest to the motor then tap with rubber mallet

That's why!!!! :thumbsup:

Thanks for that!

I'll have a go tomorrow at removing it! Is there any particular silencer packaging I should use?

Thanks and ATB

Had no problem with my 2002. Both ends came off easily.

I do have a question though. The packing I took out had a layer of what looked like steel wool then fiberglass. Is that stock from the factory?

I replaced it with just fiberglass. Is that going to be ok?

I get my silencer packing from my attic. :thumbsup:

With all the mufflers we pack i go down to my local building supply and buy a bag of owens corning insulation pillow sized bag like 5.00 bucks. If your inner tubing is plugged you will need a propane torch or heat source to cook the oily spooge to ash that can be removed

lol jeekinz.

Fiberglass should be just fine. I picked up a pack of it for 9 bucks at the local cycle barn, good for 2 silencers worth. the stuff is MSR brand i beleive.

Can I use house insulation then? I think my dad has some hanging around somewhere!

Thanks and ATB

Only if it's fiberglass.

thatll work, and its called packing

Well I took out the packing and baffle - it was bloody welded/stuck in there big time; Had to use a rubber hammer! :worthy:

The old packing looked seriously old, but I don't really know as I haven't taken a silencer apart before. I would say that it hasn't been changed for a long time though!

I used a wire brush on the baffle to clean the carbon deposits off.

There is one problem though, the end cap isn't in the greatest shape. There seems to be quite a lot of crap in it (not inside the tube, but around it). I can't seem to get to it to clean it! :thumbsup:

I was maybe thinking of leaving it to soak in something to clean it? Any suggestions?

Also, it looked very fragile and thin in some parts. It looks like some small bits have started to come off around the edge! :confused:

If it helps I can get pictures up!

Thanks and ATB!

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