Detailed footpeg bracket pics

Im gonna build a set of those lowering footpeg brackets out of aluminum and see how I like them. I can get pretty much any aluminum I want from work for free, and basically do most of the work there too.

Ive got a few days off for riding and fishing in a few weeks. Trying to get my bike set up to make the most out of the few precious days Ill have off.

I dont wanna drop the money on the procycle ones, if im not sure Im gonna like them. These'll just be temp if I like them being lowered, as I dont want to keep the brackets hanging down under the skidplate.

Ive seen the detail cad style drawings of them. I cant seem to find one now. If someone could post one up, id appreciate it.


Thanks a bunch! Looks like that's your drawing then. Did you build a set? I'm sure I can figure it out from the other measurements, but you know offhand the height and width measurements?

Thanks again!

Speaking of CAD drawings .... Nordie, you don't create .dxf files do you?

Sorry Nordie, what i meant is can you create a CAD file and a .dxf file for a specific project? This is a bit off topic for this thread, but i have this large chunk of 19mm 6061 T6 aluminum and i wish to fashion a custom fork brace. In fact i have enough of the material to make several of them. I can either whittle it out on a mill at work, or with a .dxf file on a CD i can take the material and the file to a water jet place here in town and have it/them cut out with an NC water jet machine thereby reducing the amount of cutting i would need to do on the mill. I have Qcad on my Linux machine here at home, however i have yet to figure out just how to get everything correct with it and would prefer to let someone proficient in CAD do it. I could even mail one to you there in NZ, for your efforts, if you are still running the stock front fork.

I can give it a go for sure.

I'm using QCAD on Linux too.

Usually I'd lay it out in QCAD then import it into VariCAD and extrude it into 3D to make it look cool.

Dads got a set of these on his DR-

He loves them,

And theyve held up to 3000km of HARD bush km's

54,000km of abuse on mine and apart from some gouges from rocks, they're going nicely.

Just need to work out a kit that'll get me the 2.5cm down and back without dropping anything below the frame rails.

Ok Nordie, thanks. I'll PM you when i have it drawn up the way i want.

Thanks again and sorry for going so far off topic.

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