Apartment Patio

So I live in the a little one bedroom apartment and I have no where to work on my bike unless I take it to a buddies. I currently store the bike pretty much in my kitchen. Lay down some towels and squeeze the bike in the front door and jam it under my breakfast bar counter thing.

Im thinking of turning my patio into a spot to work on my bike but I will need some innovation. I would have to walk my bike across the living room to get it out on the patio, which would destroy my carpet. Anyone have any ideas for what goes good on top of carpet that would protect it and is easy to manipulate to make a path with?


was lookin at something along the lines of that but I havent seen it in person so Im not sure if it will work

There is a sticky plastic at any home store it comes in rolls.

I would just buy a decent drop cloth like you would you use for painting. Then just fold it up and put it away when your not using it.

Get a cheap used drop rug from a thrift store or garage sale

im trying to stay away from any cloth material because it would be hard to clean some mud or grime off it, at least if i get something plastic or vinyl i can wipe up any mess if my tires tracked some mud or something

How big of an area do you need to cover?

x2 on the visquen or however it is spelled. For $8 you can buy a huge amount of it. Just cut it in strips like those runner rugs. When it get dirt, just toss it.

Get some wheel wraps or make them.

How big of an area do you need to cover?

Probably lookin at 2 feet by maybe 15 feet to be safe, thats a straight shot from the front door to the patio

the 5mil visqueen would be strong enough ive used it in lead abatement for house remodels and run wheel barrows across carpet and never broke threw pluss you can chuck it or hose it off if it gets dirty

The clear runner mat from home depot is probobly hanging on a roll in the store near the carpet and flooring department. They sell it by the linear foot, so measure how long you need and buy that many feet.

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