R & D Powerbowl II

Just purchased an R & D Powerbowl II with adjustable leak jet for my 2009 WR450F I haven't received it yet but trying to collect as much information on tuning it as possible. Has anyone had any luck with it on the WR FCR? Did it make it any easier for riding in changing elevations I live in Colorado and can go from 6'000' to 12,000' in the same ride!

Thanks for the help!:thumbsup:

It will have zero effect on the changing of elevations.

All it does is hold a little more fuel, which a pro racer may need in extreme cornering situations and an adjustable leak jet, which is handy if you ride a lot of single track one day and open desert racing the next.

Truth be told, instead of the powerbowl, having your bike jetted perfectly for typical air density experienced at 9,000 feet is what you really need to do instead.

nice piece of carb bling for sure, mine turned out to be a very expensive leak jet.... once I set it, never used the adjustability again. I would look at it once in a while though...

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