2002 rm250 setup???

so i have a basically bone stock 2002 250 besides for bars and triple clamps.

what are some good performance parts that really shine on this bike? and good protection like skid plates and such for this bike.

i want to get all the power and performance out of this bike :thumbsup:

also what pipe seems to go good with the motor? and also what reed setup


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It sort of depends on how you ride and where you ride it. MX, Hare Scrambles or ORV's?

When I was riding a '02 RM250 in the Michigan ORV's the best combination for "me" was with an FMF Fatty pipe, a FMF Turbine Core silencer and Boyesen Pro Series reeds. Going up one tooth was also a nice improvement and was a blessing when you found yourself in the bottomless Michigan ORV sand.

Works Connection sells a nice skid plate, and good radiator guards for the bike (I had them).

One thing about the '01 and '02 RM250's, they tended to eat pistons, which mine did. Either have Eric Gorr rework the intake port (which requires stripping and replating the bore) or feed it a new Wiseco piston every year or every other year depending on how you ride. When my stock cast piston blew after 2 years I only fed it forged pistons after that, problem solved.

Overall it was a great bike that also responded well (to me) when the suspension was revalved and sprung, but do the motor work first. That's assuming that you already have sand tires.

I've got an '02, I originally put a Pro Circuit pipe but that didn't help the low end which is where this bike is lacking. More recently I put on a FMF Gnarly and that improved the low end a lot and I would highly recommend that pipe.

Also a Steahly flywheel weight, I went with the 7oz. I didn't want to change the feel too much but it makes a difference in the tight stuff and it won't stall as easy.

This bike is a bit tricky to get the jetting dialed in but it's worth it to get it right. Also what zig said about the Wiseco and the suspension.

I don't recommend the V-Force reeds for this bike I didn't feel any difference.

Hope this helps.

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