2006 640 Adventure Value

Looking at one a friend is selling. KBB doesn't list the bike, NADA did but the value was under $4000, seemed a little low.

Opinions? Anywhere else to get used bike values?

Really, no one?

I paid $6600 for a nice one w/extras and 8K miles.

I wanted it.

The bikes are rare. You will pay over $5000 for a newer low milage 640.

Yes. Very hard to find. I had to ship mine from out of state when it was NEW just to get it since they were sold out of them in California. I'm looking to sell mine now to get a 990 ADV though. If anyone's interested, PM me for the details (06 640 ADV with 8.5k miles).



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Dabneyr, sent you a PM.

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