OEM piston ring help

Got around to having the cylinder re-honed and new rings just came in... So, how do you know which is the top ring and which is the second ring? Factory manual says to be sure manufacturers mark or number face up on second ring so i assume the only ring in the package that has an RN next to the gap would be the second ring. None of the other rings have any marks at all. The ring with the mark is a dark color and the other ring is a lighter silvery color. I didn't notice if either one had any beveling on the edge like the honda OEM ones did.

thanks in advance

OK, Nobody had any words of wisdom so i talked to a local machine shop.

Top ring: Has bevels on outside edge same top and bottom and is slightly thinner than second darker ring

Second ring: Darker, thicker ring with MFG. mark facing up. Sharp edge top and bottom.

hope that answers it if anyone else needs the info

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