Help! '02 RM 125 issues

Just bought a non-running '02 125. I know thats always a huge gamble, but for the price I picked I got it for it will be hard to lose money on the deal.

Anyway, when I first picked it up it wouldn't even fire no matter whether I was kicking it over or trying to bumpstart it. After cleaning out the carb a bit and installing a new plug I've gained a little ground, but not much.

Still have no luck kicking it over, but when I bumpstart it now I can get it to fire a few times, and on a few occasions I have even gotten it to run for about 50 yards, however with anything less than full throttle it dies and even under full throttle it is not making much power -- probably only going about 5-8 MPH.

After these runs the vent tube running to the float bowls pukes - so I'm thinking I need to adjust my float level?

Just not sure if the float level being messed up would cause the engine to have so little power. Guess I may have to start looking at rings, too. Just hoping someone here could point me in the right direction. Also, if anyone knows a good resource about the Mikuni carb thats on it that would be awesome as well. I sourced a manual for the bike online but the only picture of the carb is an exploded assembly view and its hard to make out the individual parts. Thanks!

compression test first. then you can look at reeds then carb if you have good compression first

First thing first, do the top end. If it's worn, which it likely is, then most other efforts will be in vain. After that check the reeds to make sure they arent worn or cracked, do a full rebuild on the carb and make sure the floats are set right. Also, repack the silencer. That should get you started in the right direction.

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