Stock RMZ 250 exhaust glow

So I have a bone stock 2005 rmz 250, I just went thru the carburetor and returned everything back to stock after expirementing with an oxygenated race gas and replaced the sparkplug (.030 gap) and air filter. The exhaust now glows noticibly red (in the light) after 30 seconds or so of idling. Is this the stock behavior or is something wrong?

Also if I touch the throttle at all the idle will jump way up for 4-5 seconds and then returns to normal. No idea whats causing this.

Im currently running 93 octane 300ft above sea level and its 73 degrees out.

Glowing header is notrmal with the bike just sitting there idling. It is not supposed to be sitting there, it needs air flow through the radiators and over the pipe to cool it.

Reset your fuel screw to deal with the hanging idle.

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