alignment on a crf 150

i dumped my buddies 150 and now the tire is out of align with the fender was wondering what i do to fix it? i dont know which nut to loosen.

Roll it over to a post and knock the wheel back straight by twisting it into the post.

This is a common thing.

just kick it or somethin?

nvm thanks man. anything i should tighten now since i moved it? just wondering if it would move on him again

Do not start tightening things with out a torque wrench. Over torquing the clamps will squeeze the fork tubes and cause parts to wear.

It should all be tight enough as is. The forks will always twist when you bump them just right.

Don't worry about it.

It's that great? The way to fix the problem is to kick the tire. Gotta love it. If the bikes in the garage right now, just bang (turn the wheel) it into the wall until it's straight. It's not a caveman way to fix it. That's really how you do it.

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