Yo! I'm loosing oil on XR 250R!

I just got my 1991 250r running again this year, but it just started leaking oil when running, around the decompression lever and near the right side exhaust pipe and maybe even from one of the oil cooler lines. It could be all three that are leaking, which do you think are most prone to leak, and what should I do?

Firstly you should narrow down just where the oil is coming from, before you just replace seals everywhere.

start by cleaning all the oil off the affected area and try sighting where it is coming from.


If your bike has been sitting a long time I would look to the decomp seal first.

It can dry out and shrink.

As said before, clean it real well and see what starts collecting dirt.

The decompressor lever will leak coz it's activated each time you kick the bike and the pivot wear in the valve cover. A new oil seal will do the job for a time, but someday you'll need to put a good bushing to stiffen the lever in that hole.

Thanks Madmat, its definately leaking from the decompression lever, is it a tuff job to replace the seal?

Remove the cylinder head cover, then remove the front right valve hole cap to drive out the dowel pin using a flat screw driver. Remove the valve lifter lever and spring, and you're ready to replace the shaft seal.

Thanks alot i will try that soon.

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