dodgy throttle yzf 250 2002

hi i have a problem with my yzf 250 2002, the revs stay high when i come off the throttle just a little. then it dropes back to normal again. im new to all this, its my 1st bike and im not sure if its safe to ride. any help would be great thanks adrian

my 04 seems to do this too :/

Yeah it happens. Is it normal? In a perfect world built by engineers no it's not normal. In reality? Yes it kind of is. As long as you don't have vacuum leaks, idle mixture screw is properly set and your jetting is set for your conditions I wouldn't worry about it too much.

Happens to my bike as well.

I guess they don't like going slow. :thumbsup:

You feel it on the track because its harder to brake without the clutch.

cheers its ok going fast haha happy days

my bike has the same problem i was told the carbs dirty but mine wasnt i adjusted the carb to specs still would barely run and it had a pop to it and i checked the jetting and all the shops said carb dirty and wrong jeting i changed jets like they said and it still wouldnt run right so i had the yamaha dealer look at it and it was my valves and i put a rubber oring around the ap screw and it helped with the bog a little

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