is a cherry red header normal?

i got the FMF powerbomb full system on my yz250f and recently i noticed the header right were it comes out of the top end was a verry bright red after letting it idle about 30 seconds. is this normal? im not sure but titanium can resist high temperatures and if it turns red something is melting but idk what would cause it. water pump? jetting? fuel mixture? cam timing messed up? i have no clue but if this has happened to one of you please let you know. if i need a new motor because things are melting im just gunna put a better pipe guard on to cover it up, sell it for 1500 and with the money I coulda used to get a new motor ill just buy my neighbors 04 yz450f wich iknow runs good

This has been discussed in all the 4 stroke sub forums here multiple times but it is normal if you let the bike idle for the header to glow.

This is a normal condition for the 250f's, however with the correct jetting, it won't get red so quick. I too, have an fmf powerbomb. I also have a water temp gauge. My bike gets cherry red around a 1 1/2 minutes and the temp reads about 90 deg F when it starts to get red, so the engine isn't even hot at this point. Anyway, it is normal when the bike is sittting still and idling.

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