my bike for these ? bad idea or no ?

i have an 06 crf450r, and i have a guy that wants to trade me a 96 cr80 and a 06 yz125.

i weigh about 210, and i was thinking of trying to race a bit(not with an 80)

would they both hold my weight good and not have any loss of power through my weight ? i also dont know how i would go about trail riding either one, how would that go ?

here is the link to both bikes

is it a good deal for me ?

my bike-

This thread sounds like a joke. Where I am from, the 450 is worth around 3K. The 80 1K and 125 1.2K You do the math. The 125 might be worth a little more but you cant give them away. In OR it might be different.

the 125 is an 06 so i would say its worth around 2500

you guys are both full of it. if i found a yz 125 from 06 that was 1200 i would be at the dudes house that morning. if it was priced at 2500 i would think that someone would call him and let him know his bike is overpriced. the bike is worth 1800-2k.

the cr80 however is probably worth around 800 at best. so it end up at about 2600-2800

i have seen your bike before. it is beautiful and you could most likely get 3k for it if not more. its a bad deal and if you had another 450 or 250 2 smoke sitting around and you just wanted the 125 as a play bike then that would be cool. but to race, i think it would be dumb because of your time spent on the 450. keep your 450

Dont do it. Do what you put at the bottom of the add"trade for crf250r or cr250r" And if you can somewhat ride the 450 you would be better off on 250 2 stroke. Going from a 450 to a 125 is pointless...and you will be disappointed at trying to sell that 80 and it won't get up and go at 210 pounds.

250 2 stroke !!!!

Don't do it. Trades are often a bad idea. You are better off just selling your bike then go get what you want. Not that a trade can never be good but usually not. If I were going to trade my bike I would not post an ad. Find bikes you want and contact the seller and see if they would be interested in a trade that way you are the one picking the trade. Being as you have the 450 and want a smaller bike you should have the advantage. Good Luck

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