KX500 'Tracker-rear shock change out.....


I'm faced with changing out the rear OEM unit (1999 KX500) because of a space conflict.

My choices appear to be:

1) Find an alternative monoshock w/out a reservoir, or a mono w/ remote reservoir,and utilizing the existing linkage.

2) Discarding the linkage altogether,and utilizing a shorter monoshock attached directly to the swing arm.

3) Incorporate a pair of traditional shocks after modding the swing arm and newly constructed rear subframe.

As this KX will be street ridden,a shorter travel (4-5") suspension will work well. I'm looking for a practical(and economical) solution.


Sam in IN

2) Discarding the linkage altogether,and utilizing a shorter monoshock attached directly to the swing arm.

when using a shorter shock the problem with the reservoir is gone?

can't follow you here...

A shorter shock (i.e., RZ 350,etc) without a reservoir would suffice....

I found a solution that allows me to rotate the KX shock 90 degrees,placing it's reservoir behind the unit,involving a 'joint' that allows the shock to continue to pivot in it's arc of motion (minor as it is,thanks to the linkage) when compressing.....

The only potential downside to this config is that the shock head is now offset from it's

original location by 1",no longer on centerline of thrust,which will put some side thrust on the top shock lug...This is best addressed by very close tolerance fits and robust construction (underway now).

Good news is that there's plenty of room for the aircleaner on one side of the shock,and the aux. radiator on the other side.....:thumbsup:

Edited by Sam Simons

Why not just shorten the travel of the OEM stuff????

What are you trying to accomplish?

The travel isn't the prob,PETE...the rigid reservoir is.......I'll put up some pics of the new subframe and repositioned shock soon.....

10 4 . Got-ya. I remember when I was a kid and motocross action did a write up of one of the early yz 80's that DMC ( Dave Miller Concepts) did . I think the bike was for Mouse McCoy ??? But any how they had cut the resevoir off and relocated it --- Dang I allways thought that was TRICK !!!!

question is, is there a position between the shock body and the reservoir where it is thick-walled enough to drill it and cut threads for fittings. then it would be no deal to join them with a hydraulic hose...

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