Baja Designs Facebook Photo Contest!

The time has come, BAJA DESIGNS Motorcycle Photo Contest! Post your favorite photo of your dirt bike weather you’re racing it, or a just a good cleaned prepped bike or a photo of you’re favorite racer. The Post with the most "Likes" by Friday May 6th will be the winner! The winner will receive a Dual Sport Kit or a 8” Halogen Race Light which ever you prefer and a goodie bag containing a T-Shirt, stickers and more, the value is over $300.00. Make sure to "like" the page while you are here!

Be sure to spread the work to you’re friends, relatives or neighbors to “like” you’re picture :thumbsup:

3 days left for the Facebook Photo Contest everyone! Make sure to have all you're friends and family members to "LIKE" you're photo and "LIKE" Baja Designs Facebook page while they are there. Braappp

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