2000 CR 250 R Help Please

Hi I just bought a 2000 cr 250 and it needs a new top end. when i took it apart, it had a pretty good scratch down the inside cylinder wall. I was wondering if i should resleeve it or bore it out and replate it. thanks


dont resleeve it. you could replate it but that can get expensive. maybe try looking on ebay for a used jug?

In the tt store , 432.00 for a new one. I`d look on ebay frist.

Get it re-platted. It's not expensive, fast turn around, and you never know what you'll get on E Bay. The cylinder may look good, but could be out of round causing more headache and more lost money.

ok cool. also what size piston do i need to get if i want around 263cc? thanks for all the help

any good places to get it bored and nikasil plated?

exactly how big is this scratch and where is it located, you might be able to just salvage the cylinder in its current condition, especially if its a small scratch and its located below where you actually need to hold compression.

it is about 3-4 in long and starts at about an inch from the top.

how deep is it? if you can't feel it you might be able to get away with a hone. If you can feel it send it to Powerseal. Much cheaper than buying a new cylinder. If you want it bored, send it to someone that specializes in boring such as Eric Gorr. There's much more to boring than simply making the cylinder bigger.

its pretty deep. maybe a couple of mm..

I would send it to Powerseal or another company that replates. For around 200 bucks you'll have a new cylinder.

Before spending any $ you should ask somebody who knows cylinders. I've thought the same thing before and my local Honda mechanic said that he'd put a piston and ring in it and ride it just the way it is (and he's the one that would've made the $).

ok thanks. ill ask one of my mechanic friends. ill keep you guys posted.

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