OEM valves for a 05 CRF 250r

i was just curious to see if anyone has replaced there valves with the OEM valves and springs? if so, have you had any problems with them?

I don't have issues with the stock valves. The issue with the stock valves is that they are titanium. If you have an air leak where the exgine is ingesting dirt and dust, the intake valves hava a coating and the gritty dust and dirt get in the intake track and eventually wear off the coating. The issue for dirt getting into the intake track is usually from a poorly installed filter or bad filter, air box to air boot seal and the overflow tubes on the carb are also known to suck dust and dirt. If you have these issues in good shape, the valves will last a long time. I get over 100 hrs out of the valves, but I changed them just to be on the safe side. I've never had a stock spring break. The first time I ran an aftermarket SS valve and spring, one of the aftermarket springs broke.

thank you for you input. i really didn't want to spend the money on SS if i didn't have to. they seem to be a little more expensive.

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