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81' xr200r sprockets

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Time to replace my chain and sprockets, I've got stock gearing of 13/50 with an 18" wheel, and I'd like to go to 12/51.. BUT looking through my local suppliers catalog they only stock the front OEM sprocket, and this is not the size I would like.

SO my question is... what sprockets from different bikes are compatible with my 1981 XR200R. Also any comments or experiences about changing the gearing to 12/51 on 18"?

P.S. The chain i'm ordering is an o-ring 520 with 110 links (stock is 520-106) I imagine with the new gearing it won't be that huge of a change to necessitate more than 110 links. (Want to make sure so I'm not out $80 and have a useless chain)

Sorry for my bad English, I'm Canadian :thumbsup:

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Okay I've found out that the following bikes have the same countershaft spline as my 81 xr200r:

Honda - ATC200X 1983

Honda - ATC200X 1984

Honda - ATC200X 1985

Honda - CB250 Nighthawk 1991

Honda - CB250 Nighthawk 1992

Honda - CB250 Nighthawk 1993

Honda - CB250 Nighthawk 1994

Honda - CB250 Nighthawk 1995

Honda - CB250 Nighthawk 1996

Honda - CB250 Nighthawk 1997

Honda - CB250 Nighthawk 1999

Honda - CB250 Nighthawk 2000

Honda - CB250 Nighthawk 2001

Honda - CB250 Nighthawk 2002

Honda - CB250 Nighthawk 2003

Honda - CB250 Nighthawk 2004

Honda - CB250 Nighthawk 2005

Honda - CM250C 250 Custom 1982

Honda - CM250C 250 Custom 1983

Honda - CMX250C Rebel 1985

Honda - CMX250C Rebel 1986

Honda - CMX250C Rebel 1987

Honda - CMX250C Rebel 1996

Honda - CMX250C Rebel 1997

Honda - CMX250C Rebel 1999

Honda - CMX250C Rebel 2000

Honda - CMX250C Rebel 2001

Honda - CMX250C Rebel 2002

Honda - CMX250C Rebel 2003

Honda - CMX250C Rebel 2004

Honda - CMX250C Rebel 2005

Honda - CMX250C Rebel 2006

Honda - CMX250C Rebel 2007

Honda - CR125R 1982

Honda - XL200R 1983

Honda - XL200R 1984

Honda - XL250R 1984

Honda - XL250R 1985

Honda - XL250R 1986

Honda - XL250R 1987

Honda - XR200 1980

Honda - XR200 1981

Honda - XR200 1982

Honda - XR200 1983

Honda - XR200 1984

Honda - XR200R 1981

Honda - XR200R 1982

Honda - XR200R 1983

Honda - XR200R 1984

Honda - XR200R 1985

Honda - XR200R 1986

Honda - XR200R 1987

Honda - XR200R 1988

Honda - XR200R 1990

Honda - XR200R 1991

Honda - XR200R 1993

Honda - XR200R 1994

Honda - XR200R 1995

Honda - XR200R 1996

Honda - XR200R 1997

Honda - XR200R 1998

Honda - XR200R 1999

Honda - XR200R 2000

Honda - XR200R 2001

Honda - XR200R 2002

Honda - XR250R 1984

Honda - XR250R 1985

Honda - XR250R 1986

Honda - XR250R 1987

Thought I would post what I found incase someone else ran into the same problems. I still need some info on the rear sprocket if anyone can lend a hand; I've decided to keep the stock gearing as it is already geared incredibly well for tight woods, But I have yet to find a different bike with the same rear sprocket setup :thumbsup:

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As your list shows front sprockets from almost an any 200cc 2 valve motor will fit.

JT lists a 12 tooth for the front, check the TT store. JT also makes a rear 50 but I don't know if it is alloy or steel. I recommend using the Honda clip (bolts to the sprocket) to position the sprocket on the counter shaft instead of the aftermarket clip, less chance of the chain wrecking the case. Also I don't recommend using an "O" ring chain because they are wider than stock and can wear on the engine case. If you want a ringed chain I recommend DID 520VT2 because it is narrower than a regular "O" ring chain.

Rear sprocket is more difficult because there were two different hubs used on the 200s in the early eighties, the twin shock used a different hub than the mono-shock bikes. The difference between a 50 and a 51 is only 2% so I don't see the need for a 51. The cheapest gear reduction will be switching to a 12 tooth counter shaft sprocket. I've run 12/49 with an 18" rear tire on several XR200s thru the years with good results. 110 links should be long enough for almost any sprocket combo that will fit the bike.

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Thanks for your help Chuck, although i'm in a bind again. I ordered a rear sprocket from an 81XR250R, which by the looks of the microfiche, should have been the same style of sprocket; I was wrong.

So I'm still at a loss on a rear sprocket, any other bikes that take the same style rear sprocket that anyone knows of? thanks.

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My knowledge of early XR rear sprockets is limited except that they use a diabolical cush hub, also I think the 81-83 XR200R is unique 5 bolt sprocket, and the XR200 twin shock is a 4 bolt sprocket.

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Problem solved (fingers crossed)... Went to another store and found a JT sprocket in their catalog.

Thanks again for your help

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