Love riding with the boys

First ride on rubber for the year, had a great day. started slow, ended fast.:thumbsup:

Great vid!!:thumbsup:

Agreed. Cool Vid.

Couple of quick Q's

What type of Helmet cam?

And what type of bars have you got on your Kato? They are spun out from that veiw :thumbsup:

Nice vid! Thanks.

Agree; it's a great vid, 7thirtyseven!!! :thumbsup: You have your GoPro mounted on the "face guard' part of your helmet? At any rate, I thought it was a good view......

You've got a really nice riding area there, too!!! :confused:


Thanks guys, starting to get a feel for editing, think I'm getting addicted. :thumbsup:

It's a GoPro 960 on the mask, the bars are stock, must be the warp from the camera. It is a great riding area but a little boring compared to our usual areas, Unfourtunatly they are still under anywhere 1-4 feet of snow:(. We are fortunate to have incredible areas around here, but are having to organize to educate, conserve and fight for what we have... Dont drink and ride, respect wetlands, respect other users, pack out what you take in, and our club is working with the government agency responsible for the areas so that our goals can be alined hopefully for the benefit of the twowheeled crowd!

hey, i have a go pro but i cannot edit any of my videos on my computer, i have windows 7 and everything, but windows movie maker won't do it, can you give me any advice of what to do?

Not sure what you mean "won't do it"? The computer itself needs a ton of power to process the stuff, and/or you may need to download a codec PAC for windows to recognize the files. I tried the Klite Codec pack on my wifes laptop and was able to do some editing on her laptop. It maybe that if your windows7 and windowslive moviemaker is older it might not have the right codecs. Try it, may solve all your problems, took about 5 min to download and setup.

Nice vid. Looks like you guys have a great place to ride!

737, Alberta is beautiful! Looks just like the mountains in Arizona. I just wish the liberal whack jobs didn't make riding here illegal!

That place looks really beautiful. I did the same exact thing a few weeks ago when you fell on you turn!

737, Alberta is beautiful! Looks just like the mountains in Arizona. I just wish the liberal whack jobs didn't make riding here illegal!

Ya, don't worry, we have our issues too! I think for a long time us offroaders have taken things for granted, hopefully as we get more organized and more "mature" as a group we can come to responsible agreements with the areas we have left... But some "scientific" decisions leave me scratching my head!

I personally want to clock every aftermarket-pipe-bigbore-4t-mx rider in the head with a jug of premix! Let's keep our bikes quiet guys! (rant over)

Great video ! Thanks fo posting it .

Cool choice of music:worthy:

Mini 737 says the ABBA has to get broken out next... Big 737 suggests ACDC, "nope it's gotta be ABBA"

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