Rejet after airbox and throttle stop mod and spark arrester mod?

Do I need to worry about any jetting issues after I remove the airbox lid, spark arrestor, and shorten the throttle stop?


I did not, I am at sea level, and it still pulls like a freakin freight train with it's @ss on fire! Rejet if you want to, but there is a reason there are 50 threads here all with the same gist (rejetted my bike, now runs like crap, always messing...), I have taken the stance with mine, if it ain't broke... I ride tight twisties, and I spend about 2% of the time at WOT, and just about every time I do wick it, I end up frantically on the brakes trying not to slide off the next corner into the toolies. I guess what I am saying is, unless you are a better rider than me (not hard to do), a pretty good mechanic, AND you are dissapointed with your bikes performance, then WHY?

Oldbones,Im with you on that one ! re-jetting is not always the answer.what works for one does not mean it works for everybody.I have a couple of friends who have been (re-jetting,etc) and have a mess on there hands.I did the free mods , pipe,main jet.while there bike is still being worked on or running like crap Im rideing mine.they may soon find the magic combination ,good luck!

That is what I wanted to hear. I don't really want to rejet. Would be a pain. Plus I would never feel like i have it right.


Rejetting is really easy. You can do it without taking off the carb on a 426. Just loosen the band holding on the rubber intake boot to the carb. Pull the rubber intake boot off the carb and wedge it in the frame. Now loosen the bad that holds the carb output to the motor. Voila, you can rotate the carb. and change jets and needles. You can change out jets and needles in 5 min.. Don't be afraid, you can make your bike run great and start on the first kick every time. :)

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