Road Bike guys...

I am looking into buying a road bike and came across a deal on a 2011 Raleigh Competiton for about $1300. Its brand new, my size but I really do not know much about the quality of Raleigh or the components, They seem like a lower line box store brand. I am not going to race but would like to do 100-150 miles a week. Should I jump on this deal or can I find a better bike for that kind of $$$?

components are decent, it's got a carbon frame which can be good or bad (light, but easy to damage or get wrong) I'd double check the sizing (first and foremost are you comfortable when u get on) since more comes into effect then the "size" of the frame.

Also, where in ny are you? if your anywhere near albany i'm looking for someone to ride with consitently.

(currently running a 01 trek 2300 with ultegra components... which are the next step up from the 105's u see there.)

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