z400 handle bar risers problem


i just bought new handle bar for my 2007 suzuki ltz 400 they are mid pro taper fat bars and i bought pro taper clamps. i have a stock steering stem. the bars are really low how to i raise them up? what do i use and how? and can i use the clamps that i just bought with the risers? does any one know because i have no idea and i and getting frustrated? any advice would be great

I like my bars low, so your setup would probably be perfect for me.

I would look through the different catalogs (Rocky Mountain, Chaparral, Dennis Kirk, etc.), and see if they have a riser that looks like it would work with your clamps.

I had the same issue when replacing my bars as well. I opted for the powermadd risers as they look stock and more durable than others out there.

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