Honda rocks, Suzuki blows

After the tranny grenaded in my 2011 RMZ250 after less than 10 hours. I am riding red once again and stoked. Had the bike stripped down all day today greasing and chaning over parts. Impressed with the workmanship and finish on the honda which is always great. Some of the bolts on my suzy were so soft and even using an inch pound torque wrench they stripped. Ive ridden a honda already and love it. Ive heard the crank issues and injectors are good. And my local dealer is sweet he said if u have problems like that hell step it. After getting no help from suzuki after having my dealer go to bat and they still turned me down. It was my first and last suzuki. I would like to say its a great bike but the false neutrals and tranny problems are dangerous and serious. Word to the wise if your ever picking a machine id steer clear from the RMZ, i know first hand its more common than u think. Cheers guys, got a FMF full 4.1 system on route with a megabomb. Siiiick!

Damn dude!

I'm a Honda guy, but you're bashing Suzuki pretty hard based on a sample size of 1, and hearsay.

What did you have before that?

In the past year ive had 2 new KX250f;s and a new 2011 rmz250. Kawis were fast and reliable, but i didnt like the turning. The RMZ was a siiiick bike, fast, handled awesome. But had major issues. So far out of 6 RMZ's i know of in the area, there is 3 of them with problems, 2 out of comission and one with false neutrals consistently. I feel its important to spread info like this so people can make good decisions.

hey i like hondas too but i gotta buddy with a new 2011 rmz250 with about 30 hours on it now and the bike performs cranks and it rips and it shifts and it turns like a pro...anyways,good luck with your honda:thumbsup:

You've been through three bikes in a year?

sounds too me like poor maintance to go through 3 bikes in a year especailly with only one ride. I know kids who barely change oil ounce a season and have better luck than that. And it seem to me honda arent the most flawless bikes out there either they all have there problems i work in a shop and i work on them all equally the same.


Sorry i didnt mean i ruined them, i had them and sold them, I was buying in the states for dirt cheap, riding them while i had them listed for sale and would sell them and make some cash in canada. Nothing ever happened to them. I had hour meters on every bike and know what im doing as far as maintainence goes.

I would love to be able to ride a brand new bike for a bit then turn it around and sell for a profit. Oh man! New bike every couple months if that was possible!

he is right suzuki is an unreliable hunk of junk we have 4 suzuki's only one runs we have a boat motor don't run an 1985 Suzuki lt 250 bad stator don't run too expensive to fix an 1982 sp 125 dont run 1 it needed a magneto got that 2 the carb quits pull it apart it not rebuildable it junk and a 1973 suzuki rv 125 runs wen it wants. after a new piston rings wrist pin and a new carb. my honda's and kawasaki's never give me problems never!!! now suzuki wen they do run are dam good but they don't run long. my honda had a bad tranny and that thing still moved with 6 teeht broken off an 13 tooth gear it ground but moved

MX"Pro." Are you like 10 years old or something? That sure seems like it?

Try to make a more mature post next time. And stop bashing Suzukis, I think we all know by now that you think that Suzuki is "junk." And Honda's are the "best."

Get over it please.

This post is over a month old. Im done talking with you period. Go suck somewhere else

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