Daystar Foork Boots?

Hi Guys,

Been out of the DRZ game for a bunch of years. Did a couple of searches but came up empty.

I am using a set of conventional DRZ forks(49mm) with 21 inch wheel on a fork swap project.

My stock fork boots are shot and need replacment.

Has anyone had good sucess using Daystar 408 series replacement boots? I spoke to Daystar today and they said this is what fits a DRZ.......we all know how some aftermarket parts fit up so I thought I would ask the experts here if this product is a good choice?

Are there other aftermarket options in accordion type fork boots that work better? Not interested in seal savers/hard plastic/none type options. Just good old fashioned boots!

Glad to see the DRZ forum is still going strong.



just get the moose fork savers, they fit over like the boot but without the stupid look. i have had them for a while now and they look great and dont move around alot. for the $30 somthing they are the best way to go.

I just helped a friend install the Daystar fork boots on his '02 great and look good.

I used the daystar boots... Worked great for me... I think they even have various colors...


That's 2 positive votes for the Daystar boots. I'm gonna order up a set.

Many thanks for your help guys.



mine is an '01 and could use some new boots, what is the trick to removing the band holding the boots on? do new parts come with the new boots or what?

I repainted my front end all black and wanted to do 100% but just couldn't get the darn boots off to finish the job, I am probably gonna do a RaceTech upgrade to the forks since they have never been serviced...or the rear shock either...I like single track and desert riding so I would like to get new boots since mine have some very minor rips in them, thanks for the info as this is one site I haven't heard of some neat products on their website

your boots should have a screw down band (similar to a hose clamp) on the top and maybe a zip tie type deal on the bottom (or another hose clam deal) the new boots come with zip ties to hold them up, I reused my hose clamp from my factory boots and used the zip tie on the bottom, if you order the right size they fit tight on your forks outer tube already so you dont need much to hold them there, make sure you put them on right (not upside down) there are small holes in the bottom for draining water etc etc... in between the corrugated boot folds... look for them, and face them on the bottom looking toward the bike (less chance of stuff getting IN the holes)

I took my forks off and the old boot (and clamp) slid right off...

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