klx110L xr50 bars install question!!!

i just picked up pro taper bars xr50 bend and i went to put them on today and it doesnt seem like the clutch or the brake lines are long enough to fit on the bars. i didnt really have enough time to play around with them and try to make them fit today so if anyone else is having this problem or knows how to fix this problem, please help. Thanks.

the stock brake line will work but it will be stretched tight. you can help it a little by moving the brake lever as close to the center of the bars as possible and also by rotating it downward some. BBR sells a 5 inch extended brake cable for $30 I believe. It's high quality and fits perfect. You will want to get one of these as soon as possible. Or you can get one from faster minis for cheaper but it's only 4 inches longer and not as nice as the BBR one. Up to you. You will also want to roll ur throttle assembly so that the cable coming out of the pulley runs under the front brake perch. You can also reroute ur clutch cable behind the front number plate and remove the lower guide that attaches to the cylinder head at the top tappet cover and this will give ur clutch cable all the play it needs. I did all this 4 months ago and haven't had a single problem yet.

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