VDR Track changes



Thanks for the subtle track changes. They work well. I like the step up going into the table - except for the 1st time I hit it and came up just a bit short and got hit in the jewels. I did not like that.

Question for anybody who's ridden there lately: the small jump (after the step down and the 180) leading to the bigger double (kind of going north) - are you getting kicked on that jump? Every time I hit it seemed to throw the rear end up. Could be me. I think its me. is it me?

They also took out the whoops after the 4 bitches and leading to the new step up. You have to hit the step up really fast to clear the whole thing. I'm not fast enough lol.

thanks for the update, planning on hitting it on Saturday. Might have been a rude surprise.

rain rain go away!


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