Help with Raptor Brakes


I have a new problem... I changed the rear brakes pads and rotor on my 2004 Raptor 660 with aftermarket parts. The pads were lightly rubbing against the rotor when I got it all put back together. I thought I'd run it up and down the street to see if that might loosen them up. I went up 1/2 a black, back down another 1/2 a block, and back to my house, and the brakes weren't doing much good when I'd stand on the brake. I tried pumping the brake, and that didn't do any good. So I went back to my house, and started down the driveway. I stopped 1/2 way down, and pumped the brakes a few times to see if that made any difference, which it did... the brakes locked up completely, to the extent that when I tried to ride the rest of the way down the driveway, it completely bent, and mangled my new rotor. :thumbsup:

My question is this... What would cause the brakes to lock up like that, and how can I fix it???

Thanks in advance for any and all advice/help

Ouch, I have never heard of brakes doing so much damage to a rotor in such a short ride...your description sounds like you were not going all that fast.

I guess what first comes to mind is that your caliper is in need of inspection/rebuilding. I know whenever I do brake jobs I always make sure the caliper is not binding in any way.

Also I am guessing that your rotor and caliper assy were fastened tightly so there was no wobble room.

And bleeding your brake lines completely may need to be on your list. I always like to use the very high temp rated brake fluid.

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