Carb fell off

Anyone had their carb fall off while riding? Mine did this today and I thought the motor had went, just knew it was a major engine problem before I stopped and saw it. Not to mention it happened while I was getting ready to hit a large downhill double. I think those spacers on the clamps are not letting the clamps tighten like they are supposed to.

Why are they even on there?

when my carb fell off I was in third place so I didnt even let off, I just finished the moto and walked back out on the track and found it. It actually ran better without the carb.....go figure

I had the engine fall off once, just fell right outta the frame. Pushed the damn thing to second overall for the day (and my gas mileage was waaaay better).

Then I discovered periodic maintenance and stupid things no longer happened to me.

You guys are funny.

As for fallen carb, the spacers need to be there. Check to make sure you don't have the rubber mount on backwards, and that the larger screw clamp is on the head side.

The carb didn't fall of, it just slipped out of the boot when I landed hard from a jump. And I do perform maintenance on my bike every time I ride(Husky Mike). It just never crossed my mind to check those clamps yesterday.

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When I first got my bike this year I noticed that one of my boots would not tighten up all the way. I had to grind one of the spacers down in order to correct the problem. As I remember, I had to remove about half of the material to get it to tighten properly.



I'm serious about the boot being backwards. It will install in either direction, but proper clamping can only occur if installed correctly. There's no markings that I know of, so pay close attention to how the boot matches to the openings.

Same thing with the clamps. And those spacers assure proper torque, so don't remove them.


Same here on grinding the spacers - I did mine back when air leakage was a suspect contributor to the popping/backfire.

Don't grind off more than 2mm at a time - be careful - the spacers are not hardened material - they will melt fast on the grinder. Also, it won't take much to get a good seal - you don't want to over tighten the clamps. You'll know it's tight enough when the carb no more rotates in the boot.

Good luck....


d-hlaw & husker

You guys think you had it bad. I went over a triple one time, and was talking to the rider next to me, when he said "look" I looked down and noticed my wheels had fallen off :) Luckly I put my feet down and did the Fred Flinstone thing :D Things went pretty good for the next 4 laps , till I stubbed my toe in the whoops :D


That's happened to you, too????

Luckly I put my feet down and did the Fred Flinstone thing

Well darn, Mxoldtimer, I didn't know you were that old. Did you and Barney Rubble use to ride at the local Rock-O-Cross?


Holeshot's Page

I hate to top your story oldtimer but........this one time at Band Camp.......

No but seriously .....I was in the middle of a moto and my bars came undone and fell completely back and down! I knew i only had about 2 laps left so i sucked it up. B4 I knew it my seat fell off and everytime i sat down my fat ass would get sucked to the airfilter and shut the o2 supply off to the thumper. The white flag flew and I decided to finish. Over the last triple my gas tank fell off and I new i had to make it on the gas left in the carb so i shut it down in the air to conserve fuel and fired it back up on landing..........I had just the last set of whoops to make it thru.......about half way thru them both fenders and the chain fell off! But needless to say I coasted to the checkers and took 1st (cuz I wuz on a Yammy Thumper of course!)

I was pickin up parts for an hour ..........and my son finished second on his pw50.......LOLOLOLOL




That's not thunder ridin' your BUTT .........

It's a whole Damn HURRICANE!!!!!!

Thanks Guys,

This is some of the funniest stuff I've read. Ooops, My ass just fell off from laughing.

I went to practice today with some other guys on 426's. While out on the track I was trying to get around this guy on a 426 and he kept roosting me. I guess his carb must have fell off too, cause when he roosted me I got hit by a carb right in the visor of my helmet. I got him back though, I hid his carb in the grass next to the track......

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