PowerCoreI vs. PowerCoreII

I have a CR80 with a Gold Series fatty and a power core 2 silencer, and a lt250R with a Gold Series fatty and an original power core silencer. Here is my question, what is the difference? I like the way my CR80 sounds way better it has a deeper pop to it than my lt250r, maybe the packing is just blown in my PowerCore1 or does the Powercore2 have a different sound to it? I saw the Powercore 4 on Google not sure if the 1 and 2 are discontinued.

powercore 4 is for 4 strokes...

I probably should have read into it first, but the rest is still up for debate.

all i know about the two is that they are both still in production, the powercore 2 has a different end cap from the first and it is the "updated" version

The only thing is they do not sell a fitted PowerCoreII for the lt250r, Dennis Kirk lists the original for my quadracer.

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