Help with Rad fan application on 05 TE 450

Hi guys,

Here is where I'm at:

Need a fan for my 05 TE 450 with big IMS tank and rooster guards.

Done the rad cap/ y mod/ good coolant She still runs hot.

Been using genaric computer fans. Manual switch for operation. They work ok but fail regularly most are rated to 70-80 degrees C operating temp. Don't know if it's the heat or dust or water splashes that kills them but their life span is + or - about 10 days. No good.

I can fit a 92x92x25mm (common computer size)on the right side. This pulls well but I need a robust/ high temp./dust & water resistant fan in this size.

I have spent ages on Mouser looking through the specs but all fans there are of similar spec and fail regularly. I could also run a 60x60mm x any depth perhaps stack 1 or 2 in front of each other to boost flow.

Does any one make a robust fan in this small format...with low power draw?

Additional concerns are I want to switch to George's LED headlight(16 watt draw). This complicates the fan issue as Georges light run's off the battery/ DC side of the stator rather than AC(stock Husky). Thus increasing my consumption on the DC part of the stator.

How much juice does the stock stator produce? Can I safely run a fan + George LED + GPS all off the battery which is rejuvinated by the DC part of the stator?

Many thanks for any help with this problem.

All the best


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Improved clarity......???

I will add that SPAL is coming out with a "super duty" fan this summer that will be brushless, waterproof, and advertised as made to operate in "mud". Sure it is.

Hi Tony,

Thanks for the link to the waterproof fan. I checked out the specs and It's only rated to 70 degrees C. I'm a bit worried that this temp. rating is a little bit low. Perhaps you can report back how it works out for you. I might give it a try myself.

Anyone else have any suggestions for a tough little fan?

Anyone know how many watts/amps I can draw off the battery while still allowing the DC part of the stator to keep up with the necessary charging?

Thanks a bunch for the help.


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