2010 and 2011 sprocket interchangeable?

Looking at getting the primary drive sprocket and chain combo from rockymountianatvmc.com but it doesnt list the 2011 Kx250f, only up to the 2010. I figure that they're the same but I just wanted to check. Also what is the chain length needed?

Sorry for the newb question :thumbsup:

Sprockets are the same from 06-11 at least (if not including 04-05).

120 links is what you need.

I thought so, thanks. It says that the chain is a 112 link though?

Ok, yeah, I was wrong, you don't need a 120 link chain. The stock chain is only 114 links, so I guess I would just see how far the wheel is forward and you can judge whether or not a 112 link will work or not. Don't forget to compensate for if you are getting a rear sprocket with more teeth.

yes it will interchange.. I highly suggest staying with the 50t or maybe a 51.. I tried a 49 and it sucked.

Ok a 112 should work then since I'm going down to a 48 tooth from a 50. Thanks for the help.


So a 48 would really be bad then huh? Hmm they don't give me an option to change the sprocket out, guess I'll have to look elsewhere. Thanks for the heads up.

If you ride desert only maybe a 48 buck if on a track No way would you want that

I ride trails and mx so a 48 wouldn't help me at all it seems. I was going to just try it but it sounds like a waste.

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