Honda Team Member *** Barry Chinen ***

On wednesday April 27th the world lost a truly amazing rider, friend, brother, son and person.

Barry Chinen worked at the Honda factory in Torrance Ca, after having worked at House of Motorcycles in San Diego CA. At Honda he had the dream job working with dirt and street teams and pros. Travelled globally and generally was blessed. I met him here on TT about 7-8 years ago I guess, and we enjoyed many rides, meals and laughs together. Barry was the nicest guy you could ever have the pleasure of knowing. He went by the TT member name "fuct".

Barry would always hook you up with nice stuff and give the shirt off his back if you needed it. He loved to eat good food and live life. He was a great dirt and track (sportbike) rider, and an incredible surfer. Being a japanese hawiian made him mellow, loyal and kind. I dont know where he got his crazy sense of humor and wackiness, but it was always on display.

Barry became ill in february after feeling bloated and having trouble eating for a few days. He didnt understand it because he was very healthy, and happy in life...things were going great. They kept him in the hospital for 10 days and that worried me, they couldnt figure out what was wrong. Finally they concluded he had a very rare form of cancer and was dying, had just a few months to live maybe. I remember him telling me on the cellphone driving home and I almost went off the road. Well over the course of the next few months he lost over 100lbs and suffered greatly, but never once complained. He smiled even when it hurt and kept fighting to the very end. Honda, his family, his friends and even the world really is at a loss today.

Barry will truly be missed by many, and never forgotten. He was my best friend and I am greatful for the time we had as brothers. I just cant believe your gone man. But I know we will meet again. I could never repay the kindness and honor you showed me, and I am forever touched by who you were in my life brother.


*ps* heres a link to his facebook incase you knew him!/dinkywheelieking

Sorry for your loss, he sounds like a great guy, who had a wonderful life, my condolences to his friends and family...

If anyone wants to join in a memorial ride, please come out and make a donation to the family. thx... Jimmy


Hey Jimmy,

I just saw this on here. I worked with Barry at the Big H and like anybody that ever met him have a million stories to tell about him! He was in my group and I spent basically every day with him....which I don't know is good or bad!!!! Just kidding!

I wanted to post a collage that one of the designers put together for his service in Hawaii. It's the way I remember BC, with a smile on his face and food in his hand!!

If you (or anybody for that matter) come out to the ride day, please stop by and introduce yourself. I'll be in the painted Honda Sprinter.



The ride was so truly touching, and awesome, to pay tribute to a real missed and loved friend and fellow rider. I just wanted to pay my buddy tribute by sharing some video of the day we rode in his honer. Miss ya Barry :smirk:

Video of "Moment of Thunder" and low speed memorial lap of track. This shows how many fellow riders showed up to pay respect with just a 1 week notice.

See ya on the other side my brother.... Jimmy


Great meeting you out there Jimmy. Thanks for making the trek up to Racetown. It was definitely a tough day for me with many highs and lows as I'm sure it was for everyone else. The thing that made me feel the best was the fact that I got such great response from my buddies in the industry that stepped up and donated product for the raffle without even thinking about it. I know BC's family was very happy to hear the turnout we had and all of the support from people in the industry that he loved working for so much. We'll have to hook up for some dual sport rides sometime.

Don't know if you saw this or not, but here's a nice writeup that CD put up at Dirt Rider.

Also, hope the MotoGate didn't let you down on the way home!!

A really nice article, and tribute to Barry. I miss you brother everyday, it just aint the same down here without you...and it never will be. Jimmy

Like Kevin, I had the privilege of working with Barry at Honda R&D. He was a great guy and will truly be missed.

Below is a link to a video from the BC Memorial Ride at Racetown. It was awesome to see the love and support for Barry from his friends in the motorcycle industry.


A really nice article, and tribute to Barry. I miss you brother everyday, it just aint the same down here without you...and it never will be. Jimmy

It was nice talking to you today. I have missed you guys. R.i.p brotha.

This is so sad. God bless him and his family.

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