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Hitch Carrier Reference - sound off

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I looked for a way to add a poll, but can't find one, so I thought I would put up a post for consideration as a sticky. Since there are so many threads about hitch haulers, and hitch haulers do and have evolved, keeping the current info in one spot might prove helpful to everyone.

I searched several times and found a lot of the information in the search hits was a little outdated due to design updates of hitch haulers or new products coming on the market.

Here are the most commonly advertised ones I found :

The SportCarrier from Spectrum Innovations - $239

Versahaul VH-55 - 399.99

Joe Hauler JH08 Cam-loc - $300

Blue Ox Motorcycle Carrier II - $695

Ultimate MX Hauler - $360 -

MotoTote MTX M3 - $349

Rage PowerSports AMC400 $129

Sarge Industries Sarge Aluminum Motorcycle Carrier SII-0109 - $349 (Thumper Talk Discount if ordered thru this site)

Some are all steel, some are mostly aluminum, some are all aluminum.

Can you guys think of any I've missed ? If so, please chime in and I'll add them to the list.

When the list is complete, I will update it with the weight of each and any particularly useful options or caveats when using them if any are posted.

I thought this might prove useful, I know it would have saved me a lot of time and misinformation from old info.

The above referenced prices are MSRP, but most can be had cheaper if you shop around.

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I would rather have the one from addabike just because u dont use any straps. Quick & easy.

Yeah, look at this

compared to this

or this. see how they keep cutting in and out in the video to make it look like it is quicker than it really is ?

or this one.

or the jacking kind

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