Sprocket changes w/stock chain

I am doing a Supermoto conversion on my plated '05 WR450f. Currently I have stock sprockets/gearing.

Using the stock front sprocket, how small of a rear sprocket can I use before I'll need to start cutting links out of my chain?

Using the stock rear sprocket, how small of a front sprocket can I use before I'll need to start cutting links? I also want to avoid excessive chain rub as well, not on the tire, but everywhere else on the bike. I'd think sprocket changes could cause that but I have no first hand experience.

I'm looking at having a separate complete set of SuMo rims with better street gearing through a different sprocket or sprocket combo BUT still be able to use just one chain...my stock size chain of course.

Thanks for any help, WR gurus :thumbsup:

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I read the Noob survival guide...and the WR450 FAQ, and did quite a bit of searching with both Google search specific to this site and the forum's search function. I've read through tons of gearing threads without finding an answer.


I'm no WR guru by a long shot- but I will give you the advice I gave a buddy for his DRZ (and what I've done for my DRZ)

in the WR case- keep the 13 tooth front; you can get a 12, and that is worth about 3 teeth vs the rear sprocket. I tend to agree that a smaller front sprocket might lead to more chain rub on the swingarm... so get a smaller rear for SM and a larger rear for dirt and an extra chain... when you pull the tire swap sprockets and chain at the same time

that's my opinion, but you know what they say about opinions

You can run 13/47 to 13/52 with the stock chain. I wouldn't use a 12 on the front.

It is recommended to replace your chain and sprockets as a set. They are designed to mate/wear to each other. Just so you know. I have been known to swap chains on old sprockets though as well, it's just not recommended due to premature wear.

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